Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black damask and pink baby shower paper decorations

Thanks to the inspiration I got for d.i.y. paper decorations, the baby shower I helped decorate for last weekend went very well! With a few supplies and tools I already had, I made these damask and pink paper decorations:

-"It's a girl" bunting banner {I don't think bunting will ever get old!}
-damask table runner made from wrapping paper
-impromptu door sign--I literally made it in less than 5 minutes with leftover damask paper I had printed and crepe paper, creating a ruffle using tape on the back
-flower branches--fake flowers from the dollar store taped to a couple of tree branches
-tissue poms {always a hit and hard to mess up}
-paper pinwheels
-framed chalkboards {from the dollar bin at a local crafts store}

I didn't make the diaper cake, but it turned out so pretty! Susie loved it, and it was a perfect blend of simplicity and playful elegance. And it didn't break the bank! Like I said, most of the supplies I already had, and my local dollar store had the rest of the things I needed. Be creative and do some harmless googling before you needlessly shell out precious dollars for gaudy party decorations. Unless, of course, you want to! =)

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