Saturday, May 28, 2011

Franco's grad announcement

He did it! Franco graduated last weekend. It was a perfect, perfect day. I'm so proud of him. He's going to be a terrific doctor.

Fun trampoline family photo

Doesn't this family look like they're having so much fun? They're so acrobatic! I had a blast taking their family photos.

p.s. yes, this was photoshopped. =)

Friday, May 20, 2011

N + E's photoshoot at the park

This is the first of many shoots I will share in the near future, but I wanted to start off with one of my favorites of Naomi and Ethan. Just look at the plays on emotion from one photo to the next--pure joy, timidity, puzzlement, playfulness, love, and seriousness. I could look at these pictures over and over and find something new each time.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Newborn photo shoot: Lil J

I'm by no means a professional photographer, but a friend asked me to take pictures of her baby J last month. We had to have a couple of shoots because the most horrible thing that can happen to a photographer happened after the first shoot: I lost 90% of the images. Long story, but they were irrecoverable so gratefully my friends forgave me and were willing to do it again. And here are some of the results! Welcome to the world, Baby J! {Yes, he was awake for most of the shoot, but we did get him to sleep in a cozy crocheted coccoon~ I'll share those soon, you'll die of cuteness.}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graduation Party Plan: tissue paper decorations

My husband Franco is graduating in less than three weeks! I haven't even finished mailing out the invitations yet! Ahh! I am, however, carefully planning the decorations. So even if no one shows up because they didn't get the invitation on time, the decorations are going to be so rad.

I'm going economical + d.i.y. and using a lot of tissue paper. First up, the garlands: (credits linked below their respective photos)
fringed tissue garlands + fringe layers
d.i.y. confetti system garland + glitter letter garland {mine's going to say "congrats!"}

These are made using crepe paper, but they're so simple, I can't wait to make them!
zig zag accordion streamers d.i.y.