Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graduation Party Plan: tissue paper decorations

My husband Franco is graduating in less than three weeks! I haven't even finished mailing out the invitations yet! Ahh! I am, however, carefully planning the decorations. So even if no one shows up because they didn't get the invitation on time, the decorations are going to be so rad.

I'm going economical + d.i.y. and using a lot of tissue paper. First up, the garlands: (credits linked below their respective photos)
fringed tissue garlands + fringe layers
d.i.y. confetti system garland + glitter letter garland {mine's going to say "congrats!"}

These are made using crepe paper, but they're so simple, I can't wait to make them!
zig zag accordion streamers d.i.y.

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