Friday, April 8, 2011

Allongée dans l'herbe: Photoshoot with my nieces

Last weekend was kind of cloudy, but it didn't keep me from having this little photoshoot with my nieces, Aaliyah and Shekendra, and sisters in law, Iris and Mayra. We went to a lemon orchard in Iris' backyard and turns out it makes for a great backdrop for Spring photos! The girls sucked on lemons and played hide and seek between the long aisles of citrus trees.

Aaliyah, who will be three next week {in the flowered top}, was so funny. We told her to run around in the grass, and she would, but then she'd suddenly stop and twirl with her arms outstretched, her smiling face looking up at the sky, which is what she's doing in the montage above. We thought it was cute, but we didn't know why she was doing it. It wasn't until while we were watching the princess movie Tangled later that night that Iris said, "That's why she would twirl with her arms wide open--she's copying Rapunzel from the movie!" And it was so true! She's princess Aaliyah, even in a lemon orchard. Ah, to be three again!

**allongée dans l'herbe: loosely-translated french for "frolicking in the meadow."
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  1. She's so adorable, awwwww.
    I like 'em. Wait, are there more than two? hahaha